Devil made me do it’ is a band that moves in metal / alternative paths. They started in 2015 as a studio project and ended in 2016 with a full line-up band. During 2016 they began recording their first full length album, which will be ready for digital & physical release at the beginning of 2018. The title of the album is 'Her Majesty's Pleasure' and consists 9 tracks. The Album title is an old british expression that was used when someone is put in prison at His/Her Majesty's Pleasure (abbreviated to Queen's pleasure or, King's pleasure) and is kept there until it is officially decided that it is safe to be released. The Album artwork and Photography was made by 'Chris Piel' one of the two guitarists of DMDI. The Cover tries to visually explain the concept behind the 9 album tracks. Its a man that feels imprisoned by a woman just like the title says but this time the person is symbolized with this goat that seems to be floating in an empty space, a 'prison'. By mirroring his 'devil' side on the bottom we give a hint on the band's name.. By mentioning the name we secretely give the truth behind this story, The truth is that this person's imprisonement and struggling is what the devil made him do. But the devil was always himself, not Her Majesty.




The very first video of Devil Made Me Do It was made for the track 'No Face' of their debut album 'Her Majesty's Pleasure'. It was shot at Hologram Studios (GR) in mid of 2016 and got released officially on the 13th of September of the same year. The director of the video was John Boutas who also did the montage and the post-production. 'No-Face' has an abstract visual scenario on how an innocent young girl becomes wild when she grows up. On many parts of the clip a figure in Latex appears and takes a part on the story. We do not know who he is and why he is there. More details for the latex can be found on our Album teasers.

'Don't Look At Her' ALBUM TEASER

Don't Look at Her' is the first episode of the two album teasers. Those teasers were shot in mid of 2015 at Deffactory Studios(GR). They were directed by Alex Karmios owner of the AR media and Double Cabin Films Company.
This episode was all about how 'DMDI' would imagine spending their time in studio recording their album. Starting by recording drums and visually describe how difficult was for our drummer 'Niji' to record nowadays.. A mysterious 'Latex' guy appears and helps the drummer to get over with all his struggling..
Episode II was about to come...


'Release Her' ALBUM TEASER


'Release Her' was obviously the second episode, of the album teasing process since DMDI's imagination insanely increased. It was now the time for the bass and guitar to be recorded but the 'Latex' releases the girl again.. Meanwhile no one knows what happened. .no one would even know what 'Latex' guy did to this poor girl..and who he is. After all that, Episode III was about to come..
From imagination to that point DMDI replaced their singer due to force majeure..A new era has begun for DMDI with Peter gas as a singer full-filling the band's Episode III was never shot therefore never released.



Her Majesty's Pleasure was recorded at Deffactory Studios and mixed/mastered by Labros Kritsimas, producer-owner of Soundgarden Studios . Album's Artwork was photoshooted, designed and edited by Chris Piel (Guitarist of DMDI). Album consists of 9 tracks and it will be digitally and physically released the first quarter of 2018.


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